USA 2013, Documentary, 78’ | Director Beth B | DoP Dan Karlok | Editor Keith Reamer | Music Jim Coleman, Beth B | Production B Productions, Schulberg Productions | Distribution Wide House

Exposed takes us around New York's alternative burlesque scene as director Beth B portrays eight innovative performers, masters of their trade, who celebrate their nakedness on stage. They talk about the empowerment of the body, the rejection of any kind of label and the wish for an end to sexual binarities. In the process, they transgress sexual taboos and dismantle moral, religious and sexual conventions. Using techniques from satire to comedy to parody – always provocative and sometimes downright shocking – the performers challenge established notions of normality in their own inimitable way. For a period of several years, Beth B accompanied the artists in their private lives, at rehearsals, during preparations and at the actual performances. Before and after the film Bunny Love will perform a neo-burlesque show.

In cooperation with Schauspiel Dortmund.

Beth B exploded onto the New York underground scene in the late 1970s, after receiving her BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 1977, creating installation art works and directing Super-8 films. Controversial and political in approach and content, these films – such as Black Box, Vortex, and The Offenders – were shown at Max’s Kansas City, CBGB’s and the Film Forum. These and more recent films have also been shown at, and acquired by, the Whitney Museum and MoMA. Her early films, along with those of Jim Jarmusch and Amos Poe, are the focus of a new documentary (Blank City: 2010) of Céline Danhier. Her films and artwork have been the subjects of several books and other documentaries, including No Wave – Underground 80: Berlin – New York (2009) by Christoph Dreher.

Bunny Love grew up in the sultry city of New Orleans with bourbon in her baby bottle and bump n' grind music in her head. As a young girl she heard the call of the stage and she answered, making her way to New York City to study theater and dance. In New York she expierenced the gambit from classical theater to the avant garde, until finally discovering that what she really likes best is creating her own works for theater, film and nightclubs. Bunny Love can be seen at a multitude of burlesque venues in New York City. Her films have been screened on various Festivals.

Beth B
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