Working to Beat the Devil

Great Britain 2014, 30’ | Director, Screenplay, DoP Chu-Li Shewring, Adam Gutch | Editor, Sound Chu-Li Shewring | Cast Guy Shewring | Production, Distribution Flying Ant Films Ltd.

»There must have been some strange error in these experiments, the solution must have been too strong.«

An ageing scientist, troubled and confused by remembrances from his past, toils night and day to (re)discover secrets as to the creation of life.

Chu-Li Shewring, born 1977 in the UK, was educated at the National Film & Television School in London. In 2008, she founded the production company Flying Ant Films Ltd with Adam Gutch. Co-director Adam Gutch (UK) studied documentary at the Film & Television School. In their body of work, they combine fictional and non-fictional approaches. They produced their first feature film Spirit in 2010. In 2014, the International Film Festival Rotterdam nominated Working to Beat the Devil for a Tiger Award for Short Films.

Chu-Li Shewring, Adam Gutch
Great Britain
Short Film