Tante Elfi bastelt. Der Kolibri

Austria 2012, 15’ | Director, Realisation Lia Juresch | Cast Clara Wannerer | Distribution sixpackfilm

A young woman speaks to the camera non-stop until the end. The scene is a cellar. She is trying to ward off a disaster that threatens to erupt from the defective extractor hood of a wood stove. In true solo-entertainer fashion, she develops out of this banal situation an absurd scenario which lets her talk about Auntie Elfi and a hummingbird. During all this, Lia Juresch with her camera remains close to her subject.

Lia Juresch was born 1982 in Sankt Pölten, Austria. She first studied philosophy in Vienna before moving on to experimental design in Linz (2009 -2012). Since 2012, she has been studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

Lia Juresch
Short Film