Signs of a City

Germany 2013, Installation, 6’ | Director, Realisation, Contact Johanna Reich

The video Signs of a City explores the multiple role and impact of white space. Empty canvases roam urban space and hi-jack shadows. One shadow on a white wall is lifted out of its environment, highlighted and exposed for a brief moment as it becomes a work of art, a painting or, if the screen moves, a film. Once the white space disappears behind the object, the shadow is re-assimilated into its surroundings.

Born in Minden, Westphalia, Johanna Reich currently lives and works in Cologne. She studied art at the Munster Academy of Fine Arts and was a visiting student under the tutelage of Gerd Rocher and Wim Wenders at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. She also completed a post-graduate degree at Cologne Academy of Media Arts. She has received numerous grants, prizes and awards – including a DAAD scholarship to Barcelona in 2007.

Johanna Reich
Experimental Film