Pigs in Progress

Germany 2013, 12’ | Director, Production, Contact Kerstin Honeit | DoP Katja Anzelewsky, Sarah Thom | Editor, Sound Emma Cattell

Pigs in Progress links two opposing phenomena within urban development: the current gentrification process in Berlin, where long-term tenants are displaced from the city centre to maximise real-estate profits; and the experience that house owners in the wealthier suburbs face with wild boars moving into their gardens. Swinish behaviour all- round!

Kerstin Honeit, born 1977, lives and works in Berlin and London. From 2003 to 2009, she studied sculpture and stage design at the Weissensee Art College in Berlin. In 2010, she was one of Else Gabriel's master students there. In addition to other grants received in 2013, she was awarded a scholarship for film and video makers by the Berlin Senate Chancellery for Cultural Affairs.

Kerstin Honeit
Short Film