Black Men and Me

Canada 2006, 6' | Director, Screenplay, Editor, Sound, Production Michèle Pearson Clarke | DoP Mariangela Piccone | Distribution Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre

"Straight white men never hit on me - they're not interested and they seem to get that I wouldn't be interested either. Or they call me bro' and throw me gang signs because they think I'm a man. Gay white men sometimes hit on me, but most of the time it's because they think they're cruising a brother. Straight black men, on the other hand, they never make that mistake. They always know that I'm a woman?"
Michèle Pearson Clarke


Michèle Pearson Clarke is a filmmaker and health educator. She was born in Trinidad and Tobago and has lived in Canada for fourteen years. Her first short film Surrounded By Water was made in the LIFT Guerilla Filmmaking in Super 8 for Absolute Beginners workshop. In 2006, she participated in the Fraternité themed commission program at the Artist Collective Trinity Square Video, where she completed Black Men And Me. Later that year, she was named one of Toronto's 10 best Filmmakers of the year by NOW Magazine. Clarke is currently in development on her third project which is about her apparent resemblance to celebrity golfer, Tiger Woods.

Michèle Pearson Clarke, Michele
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