Jackson / Marker 4am

Austria 2012, 3’ | Director, Screenplay, Production Ruth Beckermann | DoP Antoine Parouty | Editor Dieter Pichler | Sound Atanas Tcholakov | Distribution sixpackfilm

A night scene in Jackson, Mississippi: rap music at four o'clock in the morning and a dancer in a sequined dress, all by himself in the middle of the street. A street performance aimed at earning money for the next day.

Ruth Beckermann was born and raised in Vienna. In 1977, after studying communication science and art history and following study visits to Tel Aviv and New York, she gained, a PhD from the University of Vienna. She then worked as a journalist for various magazines in both Austria and Switzerland. In 1978, she and two colleagues founded the filmladen distribution company and stayed there for seven years. During that period, her first films and books came about. Since 1985, Ms Beckermann has been working as a freelance writer and film-maker.

Ruth Beckermann
Short Film