Humanité, année zéro

France 2013, Experimental, 7’ | Director, Realisation, Contact Florence Gatineau-S’Bex

Security cameras are watching us, impassively. They produce pictures unconcerned about the misfortune of humanity. In Humanité, année zéro, director Florence Gatineau-S’ Bex combines freely available surveillance camera footage with film dialogues. »But from these pictures; voices, cries and whispers – through the absolute silence of the cosmos – ghostly traces of a humanity which goes on disappearing will arise again.« Florence Gatineau-S'Bex

Florence Gatineau-S’Bex was born 1975 and studied at Louis Lumière College. Since completing her degree, she has worked as assistant director and been involved on over thirty shorts and feature films.

Florence Gatineau-S’Bex
Experimental Film