Switzerland 2013, Animation, 6’ | Director, Screenplay, DoP Kathrin Hürlimann | Animation Kathrin Hürlimann, Luca Bartulovic, Martine Ulmer | Sound Thomas Gassmann | Music Adrian Pfisterer | Contact Hochschule Luzern, François Chalet

In the 1960s, Fritz Hürlimann worked in the telephone exchange of the Swiss Post Office in Zurich-Hottingen. But when working conditions were changed to remove his last vestige of self-responsibility, he was faced with no choice but arson ... and thus caused one of the largest disasters in recent Zurich history. In a mixture of found footage and animation, Kathrin Hürlimann tells the affectionate story of her grandfather’s deed and of his motives.

Born 1984 in Zurich, Kathrin Hürlimann went on to take up an apprenticeship as a draughtswoman. She then studied animation in the Faculty of Design & Art at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts, graduating in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree.

Kathrin Hürlimann