Birthday Suit With Scars and Defects

Canada 1974, 12' | Director, Realization Lisa Steele| Distribution arsenal experimental (Arsenal - Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V.)

For her 27th birthday, Lisa Steele shot Birthday Suit – With Scars and Defects, a chronicle of her life until then, through which she seems to stumble. Naked in front of the camera, she reveals all the scars on her body and explains when, and under what circumstances, she acquired each of them.


Lisa Steele was born in 1947 in the USA and emigrated in 1968 to Canada. She is a pioneer of video art and a co-founder of Vtape, a platform for Canadian video artists. Since the early 80s she has worked together with Kim Tomczak. Their work was shown in numerous museums and at festivals in Canada, the USA and Europe. Steele and Tomczak have received numerous awards, most recently the Governor General’s Award for Visual and Media Arts 2005.

Lisa Steele
Experimental, Short Film
Focus: Freedom