Le Facebook de mon père | My Father’s Facebook

France/Palestine/United Arab Emirates 2012, Documentary, 20’ | Director, Screenplay Erige Sehiri | DoP Erige Sehiri, Luca Casavola | Editor Nadia Ben Rachid | Sound Paul Maermoudt | Production mec film

Erige Sehiri sets off to meet her father. It seems that the Tunisian revolution and his new addiction to Facebook have completely changed him, driving him away – perhaps forever. He has even left his family and gone back to the small Tunisian village of Kesra, his native village.

Erige Sehiri was born 1982 in Lyons, France. Her parents were originally from Tunisia. At the age of 19, she left Lyons to study in Canada. After obtaining a BA, she joined Radio Montreal as a project manager. Back in France, she directed several short documentaries and now works from Jerusalem as an independent journalist for France 24, France 3 and Radio Canada. Since the Tunisian revolution in 2011, she has been involved, in Tunisia, with building up citizen journalism and alternative media. She is also committed to new writing projects, features and documentary films.

Erige Sehiri
France/Palestine/United Arab Emirates
Documentary, Short Film