Blind Date | MAMA

Lithuania 2013, 7’ | Director, Screenplay, Editor, Sound, Contact Catrine Val | DoP Olaf Val, Catrine Val | Music Tilman Ehrhorn, Catrine Val | Cast Andrius and Victoria Strakele, Ginatere Masteikai, Marius Pinigistl

Blind Date | MAMA shows the intimate relationship of internationally acclaimed dancer Andrius Strakele with his blind mother. Hovering, abrupt, gingerly, demanding and beseeching, he moves around her in her kitchen. Never touching, she circumnavigates him in the same confines. With the help of »deconstructive and reconstructive« dance movements, the film enters into the intimacy of this microcosm with little reserve.

Born in Cologne, Catrine Val first worked in Vienna as a commercial artist. After graduation at Kassel School of Art and Design, she took a postgraduate course at the Cologne Academy of Media Arts, working for six years as a researcher for Bjørn Melhus in the Department of Virtual Realities. Ms Val's video works and photographs have been shown internationally and her film Commodity Fetishism was screened at the Dortmund | Cologne International Women's Film Festival 2013. The motif for our 2014 poster comes from Catrine Val.

Catrine Val
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