Germany 2013, Documentary 5’ | Director, Realisation, Contact Lisa Dreykluft | Music Janosch Becker

»I made myself a key for the city’s lightbox ads and so removed or borrowed the posters that showed women in revealing poses. Using a biro, I then redrew the posters – which required quite a bit of precision – and gave the women their body hair back. Finally, I returned the posters to the lightboxes.« Lisa Dreykluft

In Beyoncé, Lisa Dreykluft documents an intervention in the public areas of Kassel in that she uses the medium of advertising to question the stereotyped ideals of beauty, the role of women in society and the daily routine of images in the advertising industry.

Lisa Dreykluft was born 1991 in Göttingen, Germany. Since 2011, she has studied visual arts at Kassel School of Art and Design – currently under the tutelage of Kerstin Drechsel. Beyoncé is her first film.

Lisa Dreykluft
Documentary, Short Film