Armenia – Invisible Country

Armenia 2013, Documentary, 11’ | Director, Secreenplay, DoP, Contact Mariam Ohanyan | Editor Samvel Mkrtchyan | Production Liza Production

The British Museum in London holds a large collection of early-history artefacts from Armenia, including a head in bronze of the Armenian goddess Anahit. Searching for this exhibition piece, director Mariam Ohanyan finds only a hall with the signage: »Ancient Turkey.« However, that entity did not exist at the time when many of the exhibits were created. Armenia – Invisible Country casts light on this historical misrepresentation under ethnological aspects.

Mariam Ohanyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia. Having graduated from the Department of Applied Mathematics at Yerevan State University, she took a post-graduate course in film in the Department of Sociology. Her films have been shown at various festivals and won prizes. Larger Than Life was screened at the 2007 festival in Dortmund. Since 2002, Ms Ohanyan has been director of Liza Production and, since 2004, Director of the International Women’s Film Festival KIN, Yerevan.

Mariam Ohanyan