2011 12 30

Sweden 2013, 3’ | Director, Screenplay, DoP, Editor Leontine Arvidsson | Sound Jan Alvermark | Production HB Hinden, MinMamma produktion AB | Swedish Film Institute

»I am interested in relationships, how we react to differences and adaptations and the gap between the public and the private.« Leontine Arvidsson

A naked woman with a marker pen.

Born 1974 in Göteborg, Sweden, Leontine Arvidsson is an artist and film-maker. After finishing her studies at Stockholm Film School, she worked for Swedish film director Roy Andersson at Studio 24 where she was employed for five years. She also edited several short films. In 2009, she enrolled at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and is now completing her master’s degree in fine arts. Together with Kira Carpelan, she is the co-owner of the MinMamma production company in Stockholm.

Leontine Arvidsson
Short film