Schnee von gestern | Farewell Herr Schwarz

Germany/Israel 2013, Documentary 96’ | Director, Screenplay Yael Reuveny | DoP Andreas Köhler | Editor Nicole Kortlüke, Assaf Lapid | Sound César Fernández Borrás, Alfred Tesler, Nilly Kalmar, Idan Shemesh, Dovilas Meilus | Music Volker »Hauschka« Bertelmann | Production Made in Germany Filmproduktion GmbH | Distribution Film Kino Text

»As a child, I was fascinated by one moment in our family story. One day, in post-war Lodz, when my grandmother thought that something had managed to escape the cruel jaws of history. [...] What kind of family would we have been if the world had allowed her that tiny miracle?« Yael Reuveny

Michla and Feiv'ke Schwarz, sister and brother, could have re-met in Lodz in 1945. But they didn't. She migrated to Palestine and founded a family there, while he returned to East Germany, changed his name to Peter, married a German woman and lived the rest of his life in the camp where he had once been a prisoner. But they are just the beginning. The outcome of their decision affects the course of whole lives, for generations to come, here and now: their children, who struggle to deal with their parents' silence and their own unasked questions; and their grandchildren who are haunted by family secrets and forced to question their own identity. Two families, in Germany and Israel, not knowing about each other for years, are strangely mirrored. One failed meeting, two families, three generations: Schnee von gestern portrays two families in Israel and Germany who knew nothing of each other for years. Director Yael Reuveny is the granddaughter of Michla Schwarz.

NRW Premiere: In cooperation with: filmkinotext

Born and raised in Israel, Yael Reuveny started to study at the Sam Spiegel Film & Television School in Jerusalem in 2000. Even during her studies, she was involved with directing, screen writing and producing several films that were presented at numerous festivals around the world. Since her graduation in 2005, Yael Reuveny has been living and working both in Israel and in Germany. She has worked on projects such as directing and producing short documentary films for the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the video installation Jerusalem Variations at the »My Name is Esperanza« Exhibition in Santander, Spain. At the beginning of 2009, Ms Reuveny completed a documentary as part of the Triangle Dialogue project Tales of the Defeated – a joint documentary project involving graduates of three film schools from Israel, Poland and Germany. The film won the first prize in the short documentary section at the Jerusalem Film Festival.



Yael Reuveny