Pakistan/France 2012, Feature film, 79’ | Director, Screenplay Çağla Zencirci, Guillaume Giovanetti | DoP Jaques Ballard | Editor Tristan Meunier, Michko Netchak | Sound Alexandre Andrillon | Music Abaje | Cast Noor, Uzma Ali, Baba Muhammad, Gunga Saeen, Mithu Saeen | Production C’est au 3/ C’est au quatre | Distribution Wide Management

Noor wants to be a man. He no longer belongs to the Khusras, Pakistan’s transgender community. And he is definitely done with the love affair that he had with one of them, a relationship that drastically changed his life. Now he is doing a man’s job at a truck decoration outfit. But after an argument with a drunk lorry-driver, Noor sets off on a journey across Pakistan and on the search for his own identity. His goal is a mystical mountain lake. To get there, though, he has to proceed with all the powers of resistance and self-assertion available to him. A queer road movie in Pakistan, at once freedom loving and poetic.

Based in Paris, Çag ̆la Zencirci and Guillaume Giovanetti work together as a director team. Çag ̆la Zencirci was born 1976 in Ankara, Guillaume Giovanetti 1978 in Lyons. They began their collaboration with a number of short films and documentaries which have taken them to the Middle East, Central Africa and other parts of Europe and been shown internationally on TV and at festivals. The duo first became known to a larger audience through Ata, a film that tells of an encounter between a young Turkish woman and a Uyghur refugee. It received over 20 festival awards. Six – a portrait of the legendary Chris Marker Tokyo Bar – was similarly successful, taking part in the competition at Locarno and elsewhere. Noor is Çag ̆la Zencirci and Guillaume Giovanetti's first feature film.

Çağla Zencirci, Guillaume Giovanetti
Feature film