Poland 2013, Documentary, 40’ | Director Aneta Kopacz | Screenplay Aneta Kopacz, Tomasz S ́redniawa | DoP Łukasz Z ̇al | Schnitt Aneta Kopacz, Paweł Laskowski, Rafał Samborski | Sound Michał Kawiak | Production Wajda Studio | Cintact Krakow Film Foundation

»What remains are moments of great emotional power and ultimately a plea: do everything with love and devotion. Then you can leave something unique to the people you love – like Joanna did.« Claudia Lehmann

Aneta Kopacz’s narrative captures with poetry and intimacy the daily routine as shared by Joanna, her husband Piotr and her son Jas. Discreetly and in a calm narrative style, she approaches the inner being of a young woman before her death. When Joanna finds out that she has cancer and only three months to live, she promises the five-year-old Jas she’ll do her utmost to survive as along as possible. And begins to write. Candidly and honestly, she blogs about her everyday situation and about her aims in life: to drive to the Polish Lake District with her family and to be on hand when Jas rides his bike for the first time without support wheels. Joanna is a film about life and love.

In cooperation with Polnisches Institut Düsseldorf.

Aneta Kopacz – director, screenwriter, editor. She graduated from the department of psychology at Warsaw University and from the Institute of Journalism with a post-graduate degree in reportage studies, as well as completing a study course in documentary film at the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. She co-directed the clip Prawdziwe Z ̇ycie for the Polish band T.LOVE. She has made a number of independent documentaries, including Spacer for which she has won many awards.

Aneta Kopacz