USA/Italy 2009, 12' | Director, Screenplay, Animation, Production Signe Baumane | Music Douglas Mullins | Cast Kamal Sankaram, Anne Thibault, Kimmy Gatewood, Eileen Stevens, Rebecca Honig, Karen Gilliam, Clyde Baldo | Distribution KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg

17-year-old Amina is pregnant and is afraid of giving birth. Looking for comfort and advice, she turns to older women – but their faces offer anything but reassurance.

"Even if you didn’t react with absolute enthusiasm to thoughts of pregnancy and giving birth, you will now, thanks to Baumane’s awfully funny visualisation of the whole thing, be able to develop your own quite new and unforeseen of psychoses."
Jutta Klocke, Schnitt online


Signe Baumane was born in Latvia in 1964 and studied Philosophy at Moscow University. She worked at the Dauka Animation Studio in Riga and once she had gained experience, started making 3D animated films. In New York she worked in the studio of the independent star Bill Plympton. In 2002, Baumane founded her own studio.

Signe Baumane
USA, Italy
Animation, Short Film