Germany 2014, Short fiction, 28’ | Director, Screenplay Anna F. Kohlschütter | DoP Bine Jankowski | Editor Gesa Hille | Sound Ronny Müller | Music Romain Vicente | Cast Lisa Wolle, Björn von der Wellen, Axel Siefer | Production ifs internationale filmschule köln

Following her separation from Ben, the 28-year-old Rebecca is staying with friends in a flat-share. As to why the relationship broke down, she doesn’t exactly know. Nor does she really understand what is going on between her and Philipp, whom she gets to know in the flat-share. She is restless and hasn’t been able to sleep for a while. Rebecca lets herself drift, has one-night stands and roams the streets of the big city. Rebecca goes to see her father almost every day. He lives in a nursing home and is not responsive anymore, but she gets the impression that at least he is aware of her. She reads to him, feeds him or sings and dances for him – and finds some rest as a result. When Rebecca‘s father dies, she is forced to move on and find a new place where she calm down and finally sleep again.

The jury's statement
»Rebecca is in a bad way. Recently separated from Ben, she ends up one Berlin summer night with friends in a flat-share. Only with her father, a dementia sufferer who lives in a nursing home, does the 28-year-old find any kind of stability and feeling safe. Thanks to its unusual closeness, the camera allows us emotional ties to Rebecca. With a simple and beautiful visual language and with her use of resolution and light settings, Bine’s support for this subtle portrait of a multifaceted woman is impressive. She has a talent for unfolding the beauty and presence of the actors and actresses on the big screen.«

Bine Jankowski was born 1986 in Wanne-Eickel. After high-school graduation, she held an internship in the editorial team at LAUT AG, a German webzine. From 2006 to 2009, she then trained as a media designer in picture & sound at West German Radio (WDR) in Cologne. Following that, she worked for the WDR in Dusseldorf as a sound engineer. In 2010, she enrolled at Cologne International Film School to study Camera/Director of Photography, which she completed early 2014 with a B.A. degree.

Anna F. Kohlschütter
Feature Film, Short Film
Competition for Directors of Photography