Bésame Mucho

Russia 2006, 28', Director, Screenplay Alina Rudnitskaya | DoP Sergey Maksimov | Editor Larisa Solovtzova | Sound Aleksandr Dmitriev | Music Guiseppe Verdi

»Heavenly Aida, devine form, mystical garland of light and flowers, you are queen of my thoughts, you are the splendour of my life.«
From Verdis Aida

The amateur women's choir Tikhvin, a provincial town in Russia, is rehearsing the Opera  "Aida". During the Day, the women go about their lives as ususal, some of which are quite hard - as sales assistant, road-sweeper or packer. But, of an evening, they can immerse themselves in a completely differnt world and dream of bigger and better things.
Bésame Mucho is a tragicomic film about small-town life in modern-day Russia.


A graduate of the St Petersburg University of Arts and Culture, where she studied film direction, Alina Rudnitskaya started her career as an assistant director at the St Petersburg Documentary Film Studio. Her films - The Letter and Comunnal Residence as well as her TV series about TATU, a Russian pop group - have won awards both in Russia and abroad.

Alina Rudnitskaya
Documentary, Short Film