Canada 2008, 6', Director, Screenplay, Sound Elizabeth Lazebnik | DoP Marcus Elliot | Editor Erin Martell | Production Ellipsis Productions

A house, a child and all the belongings that they have collected over the course of their relationship. Midwife Jennifer and artist Alex share all this. They both talk about their complex world of relationships, cultural differences and motherhood.

With her idea for Belonging Elizabeth Lazebnik won Toronto's Worldwide Short Film Festival Pitchin' Award in 2007.


Elizabeth Lazebnik
studied Film and Video in New York. With Abeer she won the Lindalee Tracy Award at the Hot Docs documentary film festival. She is co-founder of Ellipsis Productions. She is currently working on a full-length documentary about three queer women artists who at various times, and for various reasons, have immigrated to Canada.

Elizabeth Lazebnik
Documentary, Short Film
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