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Germany 2011, Documentary, 90’ | Director, Screenplay Cornelia Grünberg | DoP Heiko Merten | Editor Martin Hoffmann, Michael Reysz | Sound Jacob Ilgner | Music Carlo Inderhees, Saint Lu | Production Kinderfilm GmbH | Distribution farbfilm verleih

»Vierzehn was definitely not designed as a sex education film. Except perhaps to make the one point: that the saying ›once doesn’t count‹ definitely doesn’t apply to sex!«
Ingelore König, Producer

»At last you really find out what girls have to go through and what’s in them …«
one boy after a screening

When Fabienne discovers that she is pregnant, unintentionally, she doesn’t believe things at first. If you just do it once, nothing will happen, she had thought. She considers abortion but then decides to have the baby, getting mixed reactions from her immediate environment. Her boyfriend is also unsure. After all, Fabienne’s only fourteen years old.

Steffi, Lisa and Laura are also pregnant, also unintentionally. At the age of fourteen, they must now make the most important decision of their lives. Although the four girls are different, they resemble on another in terms of feelings and thoughts. And they want to take care of their babes as well as they can and bring them up properly – with or without the father and despite adverse circumstances.

With the girls torn between joy and doubt as to whether they can do justice to their role as mother, the pregnancies become life’s adventure that demands much of them. They change, and not just physically. Their parents react differently too. Whereas Lisa’s parents are cool, Laura’s make it clear that do not want again the full-time commitment that comes with a baby. In the end, events for the girls turn out other than imagined …

CORNELIA GRÜNBERG studied directing and screenwriting at the German
Film & Television Academy (dffb) in Berlin. Since 1995, she has worked
as a freelance director and writer for cinema and television and, since
2002, as a freelance lecturer in camera acting and film history at the
Berlin Film Acting School. In 2008, she began lecturing at the Film
Institute of the Bauhaus University in Weimar and, in 2012, for the
Zurich Playhouse.

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