The Grandmothers of the Revolution (Babice Revolucije)

Slovenia/Cuba 2006, Documentary, 93' | Director Petra Seliškar | Screenplay Petra Seliškar, Brand Ferro | DoP Brand Ferro | Editor Filip Grcevski | Sound Vladimir Rakic | Music Nikola Kodabashija | Production Petra Pan Film Production, Dream Factory Macedonia, Kaos Studio, Movimiento Nacional de Video Cuba

"Let's be realistic, demand the impossible!"
Che Guevara

Slovenian director Petra Seliškar and her partner and co-author of the film, Brand Ferro, examine the significance of the role played by ideology in their personal history - their political DNA. In doing so they look specifically at the story of Petra's grandfather, who after the Second World War was interred in a Slovenian prison camp for twelve years because he had fought in the nationalist uprising against the partisans. They also trace the story of the Macedonian grandmother of Brand on his mother's side, as well as his Cuban grandmother on his father's side. Brand's mother Ilinka talks about the uncle after whom he is named, who was shot during a demonstration against the regime. The anniversary of his death is a national holiday in Macedonia.

Interviews, archive material and amateur films of the families are combined with comments by the director, as well as by Roger Dijkman and Noam Chomsky, into a reflection on the influence of history on our personal lives. Babice Revolucije tells of the diverse history of Yugoslavia after the Second World War, of the reign of Tito, of the most recent wars, and not least of family tragedies and traumas.

With their film, Seliškar and Ferro leave a memorial to the generation of grandparents and the stories they have to tell. "I am talking about the last of the Mohicans that believed in ideas", says Seliškar, "idealism is now treated as utopia since it has been replaced by the only ideology today and that is money."


PETRA SELISKAR studied film directing at the Dutch Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam and Directing and Production at Sheffield Hallam University - Northern Media School. She attended courses and masterclasses under Dušan Makvejev, Michael Radford, Julian Temple and Wim Wenders, produced and directed a number of international film productions. In 2002 she founded her own production company, Petra Pan Film Production. Seliškar works as a lecturer for screenplays, at the Šipanj film school, Croatia, among others.

Petra Seliškar, Petra Seliskar
Slovenia, Cuba
Focus: Around the Balkans