Great Britain 2001, 9’ | Director, Screenplay Miranda Pennell | DoP Nic Knowland | Editor Philippe Kotlarski | Music Graeme Miller | Production MJW Productions | Distribution LUX

Soldiers march in unison across a wide-open stretch of land. Director Miranda Pennell’s Tattoo acts as an overview of the severe conformity and geometric precision inherent to any army regiment and reveals the senseless beauty of military drill.

MIRANDA PENNELL originally trained in contemporary dance and later studied visual anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London. Much of her work uses film and video to explore various aspects of performance, including routines by ice-skaters, drummers, soldiers and dancers. She recently received a three-year scholarship to study at the University of Westminster from the Arts & Humanity Research Council in the UK.

Films by Miranda Pennell (Selection)
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Miranda Pennell
Great Britain
Short Film
Focus: Excess