Mother's Soul

Vietnam 2011, Feature film, 95’ | Director, Screenplay Nhuê Giang Pham | DoP Thai Dung Ly | Editor Sylvie Gardmer | Sound Franck Desmoulins | Music Minh Luong | Cast Hoa Hoai Linh Phung, Anh Hong und andere | Production Vietnam Feature Film Studio | Contact Vuong Tuan Duc

»My aim was to make a realistic film about the life of women and children from underprivileged circles; a difficult life, full of adventure and disillusion in the end, but also filled with affection and humanity. […] The film is a manifesto for the right of children to be loved and taken care of in their families as well as in society. This is particularly true in Vietnam where a large part of the population lives in poverty and where children suffer the worst consequences of this situation.«
Nhuê Giang Pham

Thu is an independent young girl and helps her mother Lan whenever she can. Together they sell fruit at the weekly market but the income hardly makes them a living. Things are different for her class-mate Dang. His mother has died. His father has remarried and Dang has been left with his grandparents. He yearns for the maternal love that Lan shows her daughter. But when Lan gets into a fraught relationship with a married man, Thu’s emotional needs are also neglected. She places her yearning for affection in Dang, assuming the role of the »little mother« for him. In the end, though, the two children cannot cope with the situation and their concerns.

NHUÊ GIANG PHAM was born 1957 in Hanoi. In 1981, she first graduated from Hanoi School of Architecture and then in 1987 from Hanoi School of Cinema. One of the few women film directors in Vietnam, she works for the Vietnam Feature Film Studio and elsewhere. She also teaches cinema history at the University of Social Sciences in Hanoi. Ever since her first film Le petit culi, Nhuê Giang Pham has received numerous awards and distinctions for her films – including the Silver Lotus Prize at the Vietnam National Film Festival and the Fipresci Prize at the Melbourne International Film Festival for The Deserted Valley (2001).

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Awards for ›Tâm Hôn Me‹
Best Leading Actress für Hoa Hoai Linh Phung, Dubai Film Festival 2011

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Nhuê Giang pham, Nhue Giang Pham
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