Talleres Clandestinos

Austria/Argentina 2010, 40’ Director, Screenplay Catalina Molina | DoP Klemens Hufnagel | Editor Matthias Halibrand | Sound Juan José Suárez | Music Patrick Lerchmüller | Cast Juana Salgueiro and others | Production David Bohum | Distribution sixpackfilm

Juana, a young Bolivian woman, leaves her husband and child to earn some money working as a seamstress in neighbouring Argentina. For 16 hours a day, she slaves at the sewing machine in an illegal textile sweatshop where the boss and his clients constantly harass the workers. When she learns that her child has become ill, she faces the choice of returning home – which would be tantamount to losing her pittance of a wage – or of continuing to prostitute herself (so to speak). Talleres Clandestinos is a film about people who when it comes to a choice don’t have one.

CATALINA MOLINA was born 1984 in Buenos Aires and moved to Austria in 1990. From 1999 to 2004, she studied audiovisual media at HTBLVA Graz Ortwein School and, from 2004 to 2009, film directing at Vienna Film Academy. In between, she also studied film directing at Escuela de Cine in Buenos Aires.

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Awards for ›Talleres Clandestinos‹
Lobende Erwähnung Jugendjury, Diagonale, Festival des österreichischen Films, Graz 2010


Catalina Molina
Austria, Argentina
Short Film
Specials, Focus: Excess