Satellite Boy

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Australia 2012, Feature film, 90’ | Director Catriona McKenzie | DoP Geoffrey Simpson | Editor Henry Dangar | Sound Liam Egan | Cast David Gulpilil, Cameron Wallaby and others | Production David Jowsey, Julie Ryan, Catriona McKenzie | World Sales Celluloid Dreams, Hengemeh Panahi

»Satellite Boy is a love letter to my father. He’s gone now – he’ll never see the film – but I wanted to let him know that I finally understood his process. I was adopted and always wanted to find my birth mother. Perhaps in my quest to find her I rejected, for a time, who he was.«
Catriona McKenzie, filmmakermagazine

Pete is ten years old and lives with his grandfather Jagamarra on the site of an abandoned outdoor cinema in the Australian outback. Though he misses his mother, Pete manages to put up with the repetitive stories of his granddad who is trying to inspire him for the old Aborigine ways and the secrets of nature.

Pete prefers to spend his time with his best friend Kalmain. But when news arrives that the cinema has been bought up by a mining company and is to be demolished, things change. Realising that his home is under threat, Peter refuses to accept the destruction without a fight. He and Kalmain set off for town with every intention of getting the company boss to change his mind. When the two of them get lost in the desert, Pete discovers that the knowledge his granddad wants to pass on is suddenly of real value.

Two boys come of age, growing up from little rascals into genuine adventurers, in order to defend their home. A film with spectacular landscape photography that brings home to us the culture of the Aborigines and their situation in modern-day Australia.

CATRIONA MCKENZIE graduated with honours from the renowned Australian Film, Television & Radio School in 2001. Since then, she has directed a number of award-winning television series including Dance Academy (2010), The Circuit (2007) and RAN: Remote Area Nurse (2006). Most recently, Catriona was directed the series Redfern Now (2012) which was developed in collaboration with Jimmy McGovern. Her short films have also been critically acclaimed and they have won several awards. In 2006, her script for Satellite Boy was accepted into the coveted Aurora Script Development Programme and is thus Ms McKenzie’s first feature film.

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Awards for ›Satellite Boy‹
Lobende Erwähnung, Kinderjury der Internationalen Filmfestspiele Berlin 2013

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