Next Door Letters

Sweden 2011, Animation, 15’ | Director, Editor Sascha Fülscher | Screenplay Vanja Alexandersson | DoP Sascha Fülscher, Olle Söderström | Sound Johan Johnson | Music Christine Hals | Production Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts | Distribution Swedish Film Institute

Lilja and her friend pull a mean trick on Melitta with Lilja writing a fake love letter in which she pretends to be a boy. But she’s surprised when Melitta replies. The seemingly stupid co-pupil actually comes across as OK – intelligent, sensitive and thoughtful. A pen-pal correspondence ensues until the love-struck Melitta suggests a meet-up and things start to get complicated. Next Door Letters is based on a true story.

SASCHA FÜLSCHER was born 1983 in Switzerland and grew up in Sweden. Next Door Letters was her graduation film for the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts where she studied documentary film-making. She is a member of the film-makers collective RåFILM, a collective of politically and socially committed film-makers.

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