Trannymals Go to Court

USA 2007, 12' | Director, Screenplay, DoP, Editor Dylan Vade, Abe Bernard | Sound Mitch Altman | Music Don Seaver | Cast Dr. Ando, Abe Bernard, Ace Esquire, Heather Fell, Keith Hennessy, Lucy Hosking, Joseph Kramer, Robert Lawrence, Hung Lo, Renata J. Razza, Johnny Seven, Dylan Vade

Since most court cases involving transgender people discuss genitals at great length, I thought it appropriate that the genitals get to say their piece! Trannymals Go To Court is a fairy tale with a cast of eight fierce and fiery talking genitals who expose harmful legal practices, speak up for gender self-identification, and spread unapologetic tranny pride. Trannymals are friendly, googley-eyed creatures who set out to make the invisible visible and turn shame into celebration, with reverence and irreverence - until we respect and cherish every single body.

Trannymals Go To Court is the sequel to the successful film, Trannymal.


DYLAN VADE is a transgender attorney, educator, and artist who co-founded the Transgender Law Center in San Francisco.

ABE BERNARD is a transgender activist, filmmaker, and photographer.

Dylan Vade, Abe Bernard
Short Film
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