Human Vessel

China 2012, 23’ | Director, Screenplay Sissi Deng | DoP Jinjing Zhu | Editor Sissi Deng, Jinjing Zhu | Sound Le Li | Music Giles Tully, Patrick Whalen | Cast Sissi Deng, Xihan Xu | World Sales Raymond Johnsen Lucas

Jewel is a young female director. A less than adept storyteller, she attempts to write a script about the only person she knows intimately: herself. While trying to lose herself in the writing process, she searches for her »real«-self. Finding only a simple and sheltered girl, she gets unsolicited advice from friends and family alike.

SISSI DENG was born 1987 in Beijing. In 2005, she began to study film direction at Beijing Film Academy, graduating there with a BA in 2009 and with a MA in Cinema Studies in 2012.

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Sissi Deng
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