France 2011, Feature Film, 80' | Director, Screenplay Céline Sciamma | DoP Crystel Fournier | Sound Benjamin Laurent, Sébastien Savine, Daniel Sobrino | Cast Zoé Héran, Malonn Lévana, Jean Disson, Sophie Cattani, Mathieu Derny, Yohan Ventre, Noah Ventre, Cheyenne Lainé, Ryan Bonbeleri | Producer Bénédicte Couvreur | Distribution Films Distribution

»I didn't want to fit into any genre, I just wanted to present a period of time from my childhood. For me this was a time full of sensuality.«
Céline Sciamma

There is definitely something boyish about ten-year-old Laure. She has recently moved to a new area with her parents and her little sister, Jeanne. It's summertime and all the other neighborhood children are playing outside – only Laure is alone, for she knows nobody of her own age.

But then, one day, she meets Lisa, a girl who is exactly the same age. Laure allows her new acquaintance to believe that she is a boy. Laure becomes Mikaël, and, no sooner has she brought about this »transformation« than she begins playing with all the other neighbourhood children. As time passes, Laure's relationship to Lisa becomes increasingly close, making the ambiguity of her situation ever more complicated.

This extremely likeable film was an audience highlight of this year's Berlin Film Festival and won the Jury prize of the Teddy Awards.

CÉLINE SCIAMMA was born in 1978 and studied French literature at Paris West University Nanterre and subsequently film at La Fémis film school from 2001-2005, majoring in screenwriting. Sciamma works as a screenwriter and lecturer and scored an international theatrical hit in 2007 with her directorial debut, Naissance de Pieuvre – Water Lilies, which was premiered in Cannes. Céline Sciamma is a proponent of a new generation of filmmakers in France.

Films by Céline Sciamma
Pauline 2009 | Naissance de Pieuvres – Water Lilies 2007

Céline Sciamma, Celine Sciamma
Feature Film
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