Tick Tock Lullaby

Great Britain 2007, Feature film, 73' | Director, Screenplay, 2D Character Animation Lisa Gornick | DoP Inge Blackman, Sophie Meyer, Liz Smith | Editor Maya T. Harris | Sound Michael Needham | Music Mat Davidson | Cast Joanna Bending, William Bowry, Jake Canuso, Raquel Cassidy

The most important decision in your life - and the longer you think about it, the more difficult it becomes.

The biological clock does not stand still. Cartoonist Sasha and her lover Maya are considering having a child. But various fears for the future must first be resolved, and the perfect potential father must be found.

But reproduction is not that simple for heteros either. Gillian, a photographer who is single, sleeps with numerous young men to try and fulfil her desire to have a baby. Her married sister, Fiona, also wants to become pregnant to provide her unfulfilled life with some meaning. But she needs to have sex to do this, and relations with her husband Todd have cooled right down ...
When Sasha starts inventing comic figures who explore the possibilities of reproduction, fiction and reality begin to merge, and Sasha projects her doubts onto the products of her fantasy. Tick Tock Lullaby is an amusing film about the "right time" and about the urge to create something, whether it be art or a baby.

The cartoons in the film are made by director Lisa Gornick.


In her directing debut Do I Love You?, artist, actress, author and producer LISA GORNICK made the first full-length British lesbian film in over 20 years. She won many awards for this, including the best new female director at the Seattle International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Lisa Gornick
Great Britain
Feature Film
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