USA 1983–90, 17' | Concept, Realisation, Cast Anne Charlotte Robertson | Contact Harvard Film Archive

»A collection of apologies made in order to get over feelings of guilt and to treat some anxiety neuroses. I also show an exhibitionist nervous breakdown – this is not a comedy. As the result of seven years’ work on this film, I am today very cautious if I want to apologise.«
Anne Charlotte Robertson

ANNE CHARLOTTE ROBERTSON was a Super 8 film-maker and diarist who lived in Framingham, Massachusetts. She began making films in the mid-1970s as an undergraduate at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and earned her MFA at the Massachusetts College of Art. Her main work is the 38-hour opus Five Year Diary which she began in 1981 and kept for over five years. Each episode of the diary, spanning varying numbers of days, is 27 minutes long (approximately eight camera rolls) and the diary comprises 84 reels. In addition to the Five Year Diary, she also made over 30 other short films.

Anne Charlotte Robertson
Short Film
Focus: Excess