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The Netherlands 2012, Feature film, 84’ | Director Meral Uslu | Screenplay Stan Lapinski | DoP Ton Peters | Editor Floor Rodenburg | Sound Diego van Uden | Music Rutger Reinders | Cast Ali Cifteci, Ilias Addab, Aziz Akazim | Distribution Cinema Delicatessen/Lemming Film

Mohamed, Mounir, Nouredin and friends have a lot of fun and a lot of anger inside them. Sometimes, a mere detail can trigger this rage and things become a matter of life and death. Although they were born in the Netherlands, the young Moroccans feel alien and unwanted. Having said that, they somehow get by – the centre of their lives being Ali’s snack bar in a Rotterdam suburb where they can hang out, smoke a joint, argue with one another and generally amuse themselves. Ali, who runs the snack bar with his wife and children, has become something of an uncle to the young men. He knows how to handle them. He listens to their trouble, sorts out their rows and, if necessary, takes tough action. Nevertheless, Ali has problems of his own, which he cannot solve.

In 1988, MERAL USLU graduated in camera and direction from the Dutch Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam with a short documentary: Raamwerk. Afterwards, she directed the long documentary Hoeren which was screened in several cinemas. Ms Uslu has also directed short documentaries for several TV shows. In addition, she has worked as director of photography for various film directors. In 2001, she directed the television film Roos en Rana which won second prize at the San Francisco Film Festival.

Films by Meral Uslu
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Awards for ›Snack Bar‹
Special Jury Award, Curitiba International Film Festival, Brazil 2012|-Kino-im-U/11-04-2013_20-00.html

Meral Uslu
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