Morocco/Germany 2008, Feature film, 95' | Director Irene von Alberti | DoP Birgit Möller | Cast Sabrina Ouazani, Nora von Waldstätten, Naima Bouzid, Alexander Scheer | Producer Irene von Alberti

In Tangier, the gateway between Europe and the Islamic world, the young Moroccan girl Amira is thrown out of her family's home because she wants to become a dancer rather than get married or work as a maid. She finds refuge in the apartment of some girlfriends who earn a living as prostitutes in the bars of Tangier. Pia and Tom, musicians from Germany, get to know Amira in a disco. Pia is fascinated watching Amira dance and invites her to her table. The two of them make friends, but Amira also has eyes for Pia’s boyfriend Tom. A multilayered triangular affair unravels in which money and lies each play a role.

“Officially there is no prostitution in Arab countries, the subject was and still is absolutely taboo, nevertheless everybody knows that it exists. I am interested in the definition of prostitution and in the grey areas of this definition. When does a girl prostitute herself? When is a present a payment? Is it about luxury, or about ensuring one's survival? I have lived and worked for a long time in Morocco and been amazed at the misunderstandings between Europeans and Moroccans that keep on occurring. Many of these are down to different definitions of terms such as friendship, loyalty, possession or lies. To try to explain these misunderstandings, I have told the story of this love triangle from both perspectives, from the German, and from the Moroccan side.” Irene von Alberti

The film magazine film-dienst is presenting Tangerine in the context of its cooperation with the International Women's Film Festival Dortmund I Cologne. The subsequent discussion with director Irene von Alberti will be presented by Horst-Peter Koll.


IRENE VON ALBERTI, born in 1963 in Stuttgart, has worked since 1984 as a freelance camera assistant and camerawoman while studying media technology, working on the television film Marocain by Elfi Mikesch, and directing various music videos. In 1988, she began studying at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF). Since her graduation in 1992, she has been producing her own feature film projects with her newly founded production company Filmgalerie 451.

Irene von Alberti
Morocco, Germany
Feature Film