Always Decent (Aina Kunnollinen)

Finland 2007, 20' | Director, Screenplay Katja Pällijeff | Editor Tiina Aarniala, Katja Pällijeff | Sound Elina Hyvärinen | Music Kimmo Vänttinen

A childhood in a Finnish village in the 70s: Elvis dies, parents are getting divorced, set theory is being taught in school. Why do all the other children live with their mothers and fathers? Why do other mothers never go dancing alone? Why are you always being told what you can and can't do Katja Pällijeff's experimental autobiography combines found footage and archive material with personal memories in a warm and humorous manner. Aina kunnollinen is about the fear of those who are different, and the desire to break out.

Katja Pällijeff was born in 1972. From 1999 to 2007 she studied film editing at the UIAH, School of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design. Aina kunnollinen is her graduation film, and also her first film as director. She has already worked for Finnish television as a film editor.

Katja Pällijeff
Documentary, Short Film
Focus: Freedom