Al duma - Imra'ah min Dimashq (Dolls - A Woman from Damascus)

Denmark/Syria 2008, Documentary, 53' | Director, Screenplay, Editor Diana El Jeiroudi | DoP Joude Gorani | Sound Dahna Abou Rahme | Music Nareg Abajian | Production Proaction Film, Final Cut Productions

"I can tell her my biggest secrets and they are safe with Fulla. Fulla, Fulla, safe with Fulla."
Official Fulla song

Fulla is the highly successful Arab equivalent of the Barbie doll - 'the dream of every Arab girl,' according to one advert. It is a top seller and, like Barbie in the West, fits perfectly the conservative image of woman. Her prayer mat is pink and her destiny in life is to be a subservient wife.
Menal lives in Damascus in a traditional milieu. Married with two daughters, she has had a good education and some career experience and would now like to return to work. Being a housewife and a mother is not satisfying enough. She pursues her goal persistently. Even when she has to suffer moral sermons from her mother. And even when she gets into a fight with her husband because one day she has had to stay behind at the office for an extra quarter of an hour.
Parallel to Menal's struggle for independence, Dolls - A Woman from Damascus shows Fulla's irresistible rise, a success not least the achievement of her marketing manager. Meanwhile, if only via TV, Fulla has long arrived in Menal's living room where her small daughters are hypnotised by the doll's permanent smile.

German Premiere


Born 1977, DIANA EL-JEIROUDI was raised in Damascus and Bagdad. Studied English Literature at the University of Damascus before working in marketing. Is co-founder of Proaction Film, the only independent film production company in Syria, making Syrian and international films. Since 2008, she has also been one of the organisers behind Doc Box, the Syrian Documentary Film Festival initiated by Proaction Films.

Diana El Jeiroudi
Denmark, Syria