Spider Lilies (Ci-Qing)

China/Taiwan 2007, Feature film, 94' | Director Zero Chou | Screenplay Chen Singing | DoP Hoho Liu | Editor Ju-kuan Hsiao | Sound Du-che Tu | Music Chien-yu Chang, Chien-hsun Huang | Cast Rainie Yang, Isabella Leong, John Shen, Jay Shih | Production 3rd Vision Films

According to Japanese tradition, the path to hell is paved with spider lilies. But the lily is also the Japanese symbol for lesbian love.

Successful but lonely tattoo artist Takeko sports a spider lily tattoo on her shoulder. The same tattoo hangs on the wall of her studio - on a piece of human skin, framed like a picture. What secret does this hide? One day webcam-girl Xiao Yu enters the studio and also wants to have a spider lily tattoo. At first Takeko does not let on that she knows Xiao Yu. Yet nine years ago the two of them were not only neighbours, but also in love with one another in a girlish manner. What really took place that night, the night in which an earthquake destroyed Takeko's house, killed her father and robbed her brother of his memory? And why does this memory prevent Takeko from declaring her love for Xiao Yu? Step by step, the secrets of the past are revealed, along with the reasons for Takeko's loneliness and her denial.

This relationship drama stands out through its symbolic and multi-layered reflections on love, loss and the reawakening of feelings through memories. Zero Chou tells the story of these two women in a calm tone and with great sensitivity. Actresses Rainie Yang and Isabella Leong are pop stars in Taiwan and Hong Kong.


ZERO CHOU was born in 1969 in Keelung, Taiwan, and graduated in philosophy in 1992. With films such as Floating Islands and Corner's she acquired experience in independent documentary and experimental film projects. Spider Lillies is her second feature film.

Zero Chou
China, Taiwan
Feature Film
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