Snow (Snijeg)

France/Bosnia and Herzegovina/Germany 2008, Feature film, 99' | Director Aida Begic | Screenplay Aida Begic, Elma Tataragic | DoP Noemie de Lapparent | Editor Erol Subcevic, Miralem S. Subcevc | Sound Frank Bubenzer, Branko Neškov | Music Igor Camo | Cast Zana Marjanovic, Jasna Ornela Bery, Sadžida Šetic, Vesna Mašic, Emir Hadžihafizbegovic | Production Mamafilm, rohfilm, Les Films de l'Après-Midi

"Snow does not fall to cover the hills, it falls so that every animal can leave behind traces of it passing by."

There is seldom much to laugh about in the Bosnian village of Slavno, destroyed in the Balkan war. Only when the surviving women play charades representing their dead husbands and other relatives, to cheer up their children, can the sound of laughter be heard. The remaining villagers in Aida Begić's Snow (Snijeg) are confronted by two challenges: the daily struggle for survival and the despairing search for relatives, missing and presumed dead.

A new seed of hope germinates among the village inhabitants, however, when a lorry driver who happens to pass by promises to buy all their produce, and thus help them to acquire a modest standard of living. But at the same time, a large construction company is trying to buy up all the properties and drive all the villagers from their homes. Only Alma still believes that the village can achieve prosperity through a trade in plum jam and pickled vegetables.

"Times of peace can sometimes be more complicated than times of war. Materialism quickly gains the upper hand and all those essential lessons are forgotten that had been painfully learnt during times of war. People realise that life has moved on in the meantime, and fight for a place in the sun. But you cannot forget the past, and the future will not be able to erase it either."
Aida Begić

Aida Begić's first full-length feature film provides an authentic portrayal of the post-war situation in Bosnia, not dwelling on the documentary level, but employing surreal elements with an enchanting effect. Snow is the much heralded debut of a young filmmaker, one which is gentle and moving.


Bosnian director AIDA BEGIC was born in Sarajevo in 1976. She graduated in directing from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo in 2000, where she teaches today. Her graduation film Prvo smrtno iskustvo (First Death Experience) was presented in 2001 at the Cinefondation in Cannes and won numerous festival awards worldwide. In 2004, together with Elma Tataragić, Begić founded the independent production company, Mamafilm.

Aida Begic
France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany
Feature Film
Focus: Around the Balkans