She's a Boy I Knew

Canada 2007, Documentary, 70' | Director, Screenplay, DoP, Editor, Sound Gwen Haworth | 2D Character Animator Michael A. Mann, Diego Maclean, Flying Fish Productions

"If we're ever going to break free from the 'representation ghetto' that film & television has entrenched us in, it's vital that we pick up the camera and start telling our own stories.?
Gwen Haworth

Parents lost a son, sisters lost a brother and a wife lost her husband after Steven Haworth answered the nagging inner voice of his true gender identity and undertook the long process that saw him become Gwen, the director of this film.

In this retelling of her own story, Haworth employs archive footage and even animation to embellish a transgender story - and she elicits some of the most fully considered and deeply self-examining interviews ever filmed on the subject: about the suppressed heartbreak of her former football-playing police-officer father, the unwavering support of life-long friend Roari and radical younger sister Nicole, or the complex relationship with wife Malgosia. She loves the person who is Gwen but physically misses the man she married. But Gwen's feelings for Malgosia have not changed along with her external transformation.
Refreshingly in its candor, She's a Boy I Knew goes way beyond the mere recounting of the stages of the transformation to become a deeply moving story of loss and unconditional love.


Filmmaker and editor GWEN HAWORTH comes from Vancouver, Canada. After graduating in Psychology, Gwen Haworth studied Film at the University of British Columbia and the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. She also worked for Out On Screen, the organiser of the Vancouver Queer Film & Video Festival, and she works as a lecturer on film.

Gwen Haworth
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