The Self-Healing of My Bicycle (Die Selbstheilung meines Fahrrades)

Germany 2008, Experimental, 3' | Director, Realization Dagie Brundert

Recently I wanted to ride my bike, but nothing any longer worked. The gears were completely worn out, the chain only went backwards, I was fed up and had to walk instead. The next day, I have another look at the bike, and it's as if nothing had been wrong with it, it ran smoothly again. I thought to myself, what can it be?

I got on the bike and rode around, pondering. Reflecting on matter and non-matter, because matter really doesn't exist at all. Everything is basically just mind and rhythm and melody and communication. So communication at last worked again. Somehow the vibes found their way into my bike and the bike repaired itself.


DAGIE BRUNDERT, born in Ost-Westfalia in 1962, studied Graphic Art and Experimental Film Design in Berlin and discovered a passion for Super 8 film in the late 1980s. Her film Get up, Jucy Lordan - Lust for Luck is also being screened at the Dortmund | Cologne International Women's Film Festival.

Dagie Brundert
Experimental, Short Film