Perforated Memory

Jordan 2008, Documentary, 62’ | Director Sandra Madi | Editor Samar Azzeh, Eyad Hamam | Sound Samer Amari | Production, Distribution red carbon production

»The real events that form the collective memory have been deformed. How can the political project eliminate the collective memory of an era that witnessed heroic sacrifices to open the doors for the future?«
Sara Madi

The path from courageous liberation fighter to beggar in worn out clothes – exhausted and sometimes mentally confused – can sometimes be a very short one: since the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, PLO, moved from Tunis to Ramallah, there has been no more money for the former fighters.

In Perforated Memory, Sandra Madi portraits a group of these fedayeen, who for many years were active members of the Palestine liberation movement and now live in Jordan, forgotten and in poverty. With her carefully presented camera work Madi remains true to revolutionary ideals and accuses the leaders, who are being courted in the international diplomatic arena, of corruption.


SANDRA MADI, born in Amman – Jordan 1976, is a Palestinian film director, actress, producer and writer. She graduated from the Arab Institute of Film (AIF) in December 2006. She has performed in 20 plays that toured many cities in the Arab countries and Europe, while training young people in various workshops. Acting and improvising in theatre, she won three awards as best actress. She has worked as a radio presenter, produced and directed documentaries with Aljazeera since 2004, and worked with many local and international production companies and agencies as a director and producer.


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Awards for ›Perforated Memory‹
Beste lange Dokumentation, Docudays Beirut 2009 | Best Film Scenario, Al Arabia Documentary Workshop 2007



Sandra Madi
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