Closed Season (Schonzeit)

Switzerland 2009, 20' | Director, Screenplay Irene Ledermann | DoP Lorenz Merz | Editor Irene Ledermann, Lisa Blatter | Sound Simon Liniger, Ivo Schläpfer | Music Marcel Vaid | Cast Youri Ledermann, Manuel Neuburger, Jörg Reichlin, Yannick Fischer, Siro Accorinti, Jan Zapata, Nora Ly | Production Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHDK/Teleclub

The brothers Oli and Jan are confronted with the absence of their parents. While the younger of the two withdraws into his own world, the elder one tries to make up for what is missing. They cope with the daily routine - a lonesome twosome.

"Irene Ledermann's film tells of a childlike, speechless solitude and concentrates, with outstanding camera work, on the silence and loneliness of its characters. This portrayal already bears the unmistakeable signature of a director who knows exactly what she wants to say."
Jury statement FIRST STEPS (Nomination for the German-speaking award for young talent)


IRENE LEDERMANN was born in Zurich in 1976. She studied Film at the Zurich University of the Arts and graduated as an M.A. in 2009 with the film Schonzeit. Ledermann works and teaches in the fields of film and art.

Irene Ledermann
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