Saute ma ville

Belgium 1968, Experimental, 13' | Director, Screenplay, Cast, Production Chantal Akerman | DoP René Fruchter | Editor Geneviève Luciani | Sound Patrice

“There are many ways of making explosives, this one here is based on the principle of compression in a space that is too tight, too rigid … After all, the year is 68, is it not?“ Jean-Michel Frodon A young woman (18-year-old Chantal Akerman) comes home, singing happily to herself. She cooks, eats, hermetically seals the kitchen doors and windows. Then she starts to turn the kitchen into a battlefield – with an explosive ending .... In her short film debut, Chantal Akerman uses acoustic and gestural means to lend her figure the appearance of suffering from some pressure that does not become clear. Saute ma ville is both violent and funny.


CHANTAL AKERMAN gave up her studies at the Belgian Film School and went in 1968 to Paris. Her early short films are influenced by the Nouvelle Vague and by American experimental filmmakers such as Stan Brakhage, Michael Snow and Jonas Mekas. Akerman has now made over 40 films, many of which are portraits of women or deal with feminist topics.

Chantal Akerman
Experimental, Short Film
Focus: Freedom