Slow Burn

Canada 2011, 13’ | Director, Editor, Production Christine Chew | Screenplay Christine Chew, Bebe Templeton | DoP Antonin Lhotsky | Sound Daniel Pellerin | Music Alex Mak, Dawn Chomitsch, Ben Harrison | Cast Bebe Templeton, Kat Letwin, Cat Oliver, Renita Fillatre | Distribution Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre

In this hyper-stylized western set against a winterscape, a mysterious girl with a criminal past wants to make a fresh start and decides to symbolise this decision by getting her very first tattoo. She meets two tattoo artists who are immediately smitten with her, and in the time-honoured tradition of the western, the artists battle each other in a duel for the right to design the tattoo.


CHRISTINE CHEW earned her B.A. in film and television production at Curtin University in Western Australia and enjoyed life as a photojournalist shooting sports, travel and entertainment features and personalities for many years. Christine’s first short film Falling for Caroline has been screened at over 50 film festivals around the world – including the Dortmund | Cologne International Women’s Film Festival 2010 – winning audience awards in Berne, Switzerland, Rochester, New York and Montréal. #Slow Burn is her second short and she is working on her first feature #Click, currently in production in Toronto.


Filme von Christine Chew
Falling for Caroline 2009



Christine Chew
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