Poker Face

USA 2011, 14’ | Director, Screenplay Becky Lane | DoP Victoria Chenoweth | Editor Noni Korf Vidal | Cast Erica Steinhagen, Eliza VanCort, Sheila Joon, Amy Driesler, Virginia Baeta and Erica Overholt | Production Nice Girl Films | Distribution Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre

A rowdy »girls’ night out« poker game takes an unexpected turn when a woman receives a call from relatives about a death in her estranged family. Secrets are revealed and intimate friendships are called into question as the group comes to terms with seeing a friend in a new light.


BECKY LANE studied at the University of Iowa and gained a doctorate in philosophy (PhD). She is an independent filmmaker and the founder of Nice Girl Film, a small production company run by women with locations in Ithaca, New York and New York City. Her first film, Hens and Chicks, was shown internationally at over 50 festivals and won many awards, including the audience prize for best short film in Rochester and Barcelona. Becky Lane initially wanted to be an actor, but soon changed to the field of directing. She is currently producing her first full-length feature film.


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