The Not so Subtle Subtext

Canada 2010, Video Mash-up, 6’ | Director, Editor, Production Sarah Rotella | Distribution Canadian Film Makers Distribution Centre

In The Not so Subtle Subtext, Sarah Rotella examines TV series Xena: Warrior Princess to see if there might be a subliminal love story between the two figures of Xena and Gabrielle. The director has re-edited scenes from the existing series into five new units that draw attention to the subtext of the series. Without confirming or denying the relationship between the two, the film adds meaning by repeating glances and specific sentences. Despite the neutral stance of the film, the passionate reactions of the audience, even ten years after the series has ended, prove that it conveys more than just a subtext.


SARAH ROTELLA is a Toronto based filmmaker. She graduated from Humber College's Film and Television Production program in 2008 and is currently completing her BFA in the Integrated Media program at OCAD University. Focusing on writing, directing, and animation, Sarah's films have played across the globe including Toronto, Los Angeles, and Spain. An active member of Toronto's film community, she has volunteered with the Regent Park Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. She has also worked with Capri Films, Disney, the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto, and currently works for the National Film Board of Canada.


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