Canada 2007, 12' | Director, Screenplay, Editor Gina Pei Chi Chen | DoP Vasho Pekar |Sound Flora Chen, Trista Townsend, Gina Pei Chi Chen | Cast Eleanor Teng, Angela Chung, James Kuo

"Buddha, I beg you. Never let that terrible thing happen to me. I beg you. Let my body remain the same, never change. I beg you."

Shane is a 12-year-old Asian girl. But in her fantasy she becomes an adult man. She is often reproached for her boyish behaviour by her mother, who insists that Shane conforms to the gender role expected of her. She is torn between the two sides. As Shane reaches puberty, she has a hard time accepting her growing feminine body. She becomes depressed and resists going to school.


GINA PEI CHI CHEN was born and grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. She studied Film, Video and Integrated Media at the Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design in Vancouver. Her film and video works are informed by queer theories and the politics of identity.

Pei Chi Chen Gina
Short Film
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