Mommy is Coming

Germany 2012, Feature Film 65’ | Director Cheryl Dunye | Screenplay Sarah Schulmann, Cheryl Dunye | DoP Sanne Kurz | Editor Oscar David, A.B., Jörn Hartmann | Sound Juli Saragosa | Music Key Party, Rob Fatal, Julia Robertson | Cast Papí Coxxx, Lil Harlow, Maggie Tapert, Wieland Speck | Production Jürgen Brüning, Cheryl Dunye, Claus Matthes | Distribution GM Films, Michael Höfner

»Legendary US underground director Cheryl Dunye has a weakness for sex, fun, gender-bending and breaking taboos. Her lusty and humorously staged story about three women who want it all is at the same time a cheerful porn quote and a self-confidently queer porn interpretation.«
Berlin International Film Festival 2012

Dylan and Claudia are a hot pair of lovers. The Berlin woman and her American girlfriend have sex whenever, however and wherever they want. But Dylan wants more, without falling in love straight away. Claudia on the other hand longs for love and romance. So the two of them gather experiences: Dylan comes up against her erotic limits in a new sex club, with the help of a few friendly assistants. Claudia becomes Claude and gets to know mature and attractive Helen in the hotel where she works. She in turn is stuck in a midlife-sexual crisis with her husband Hans, and has come to Berlin to visit her daughter. With Helen, Claudia re-explores love. Helen almost forgets about her daughter. When Dylan stands Claudia up, everything becomes mighty complicated …
With Mommy Is Coming, director Cheryl Dunye has made an authentic screwball comedy set in the lesbian underground scene in the Berlin of the 21st century. Powerfully staged in the wild and exciting night life and brilliantly cast with authentic actors.


Cheryl Dunye was born in Monrovia, Liberia, in 1966. After graduating from Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts in New Jersey, she began making films in which she also played the main roles. She teaches at the School of Communications & Theater of Temple University in Philadelphia. She has won numerous prizes for her work, including the Lifetime Achievement Award of Girlfriends magazine in 2002 and the Community Vision Award of the National Center for Lesbian Rights in 2004.


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Cheryl Dunye
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